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Alison Stein

Alison Stein

San Juan Capistrano, CA


Alison Stein was born into a heritage of great imagination and design talent.

Her great grandfather, Lewis Hallock Nash, was a successful inventor and held many patents, including a hydraulic pump design that is still manufactured and widely used today around the world for many practical applications.

His daughter, Mildred Archer Nash Bly, Alison's grandmother, was a painter and sculptor who was apprentice to Solon Borglum, the renowned sculptor and brother of Mt. Rushmore creator Gutzon Borglum.

After growing up in New Canaan, Connecticut, Alison studied first at Rochester Institute of Technology, then transferred to Syracuse University's College of Visual and Performing Arts. There she majored in Surface Pattern Design and studied with two of the acknowledged experts in the field, V. Ann and Donald Waterman.

She received her BFA from Syracuse, and was quickly hired as a colorist for Styletown Fabrics in New York City (a division of the Manes Organization), where she received invaluable experience in preparing textile designs for lines of clothing (including some featured at Lord & Taylor) and for fabric stores nationwide.

Her interest in surface pattern design is not exclusively related to commercial production, and Alison expresses herself as a fine artist and craftsperson, working in the media of weaving and knitting. She has also participated in the Institute of Weavers of the University of Minnesota's famed Split Rock Arts Program.

After living in Southern California for some time with her husband, Rick, Alison decided to brush up her skills further and attended LA's Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, where she graduated magna cum laude and was a finalist for the 2001 TALA (Textile Association of Los Angeles) Award.

Before she graduated, she was invited to work for MMfab, producers of South Sea Imports and other major lines of fabrics for the home quilting and medical scrubs markets.

Today, she works as an independent artist.


Cat Mola by Alison Stein


Morning Mission Bells by Alison Stein


Mission Bell by Alison Stein


Western Roundup Standing Horse by Alison Bly Stein


Western Roundup Running Horse by Alison Stein


Bright Eyes by Alison Stein


Behind the Eight Ball by Alison Stein


Cat On The Rocks by Alison Stein


They're Playing Our Song by Alison Stein


Noah's Ark by Alison Stein


Blue Rose by Alison Stein


The Farm Team - Stan Moozial by Alison Stein


The Farm Team - Hoof Aaron by Alison Stein


Among the Trees by Alison Stein


Old Man Tree by Alison Stein


Floral Whorl by Alison Stein


Arlington Tulip by Alison Stein


Rose of Sharon by Alison Stein


Hawaiian Hybiscus by Alison Stein


Orange Daisy Swirl by Alison Stein


Daffodil Swirl by Alison Stein


Cactus Swirl by Alison Stein


Remembering Television by Alison Stein


Remembering Radio by Alison Stein


Martini Lunch by Alison Stein


Butterfly Idyll-Irises by Alison Stein


Butterfly Idyll- Lilies by Alison Stein


Butterfly Idyll-Tulips by Alison Stein


Butterfly Idyll-Pansies by Alison Stein


Butterfly Idyll-Roses by Alison Stein


Butterfly Idyll-Fuchsias by Alison Stein